Venus V-4400 mask with NIOSH N95 Certification, Pack of 2

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Venus V-4400 is NIOSH approved N95 mask.
Added protection from airborne viruses.
Superior Micro Fine Filter technology
Protects against 0.3micron RSPM.
Strap color may vary.
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  • N95 Approved Respirator (mask)
  • Elastic Welded outside the filter area
  • No leakage
  • No puncture on filter
  • Has a high tensile strength adjustable aluminum inside nose clip
  • Made of braided textile elastic
  • Does not deform in high temperature
  • Unique adjuster beads to adjust the fit of the mask
  • Filtering efficiency - > 95% solid particles
  • High technology filter media with micro fine fibers & electrostatic charge
  • Can protect against solids particles
  • Universal fold flat style filtering design
  • Embedded nose clip and sealed edges
  • Large face coverage
  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy to store while not in use
  • 3 filter layers
  • Protection: against non-oil-based particles
  • Dotted pattern edges for a soft feel when worn
  • Skin friendly 

Venus V-4400 Flat Fold Respirator with NIOSH N95 Certification


1. Is this an N95 approved mask?

Yes, the Venus V-4400 is a NIOSH approved N95 mask.

2. How effective is the mask?

It is designed using a superior micro fine filter technology which protects the wearer against RSPM upto 0.3micron. Safely covering the nose and mouth, this mask is NIOSH approved, which may provide added protection from airborne viruses. It can provide protection against non-oil-based particles.

3. How many layers does it have?

A disposable mask by Venus, it comprises of 3 filter layers that can filter particles that do not contain oil upto 95%. These 3 layers include a – pre-filter, fine filter and skin comfort layer.

4. Is the mask skin friendly?

Made using a latex free knitted textile elastic, the mask is skin friendly and does not change shape in high temperatures.

5. Is this mask disposable?

Yes, the mask is disposable.

6. Are the straps on the mask comfortable to wear?

Comfortable and easy to wear, the mask is equipped with a unique fit adjuster with beads that allows you to adjust the fit as per your comfort.